Solidity Tutorial for Beginners: Write your First Smart Contract

In the previous tutorial of our Blockchain Roadmap, we studied the Ethereum platform, Smart Contracts and DApps. In today’s Solidity tutorial for beginners, we will see how Solidity smart contracts are structured. We will also write our first ‘Getter Setter’ smart contract. What is Solidity? Solidity is an object oriented high level programming language for writing smart contracts […]

Blockchain Explained in Five: The Beginner’s Guide

I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon this word called ‘Blockchain’ in the last few years. Today, if you put the words “Blockchain based” as a prefix to whatever you’re selling, you’re going to make atleast 2x more sales no matter what your product is. Anyway, we’re running out of time, I’ve only got five minutes to […]

STEEM Hard Fork: The Birth of HIVE

Last month, the news of TRON CEO Justin Sun acquiring Steemit Inc. raised many eyebrows in the crypto world. And after a series of unfortunate events in the last couple of weeks, the STEEM community successfully executed a Hard Fork to build a new decentralized identity, HIVE. Wait, but what is Steemit? Steemit is a crypto […]

Hash Cryptography Part 1: Understanding SHA256 Usage

What is Hash Cryptography? Hash Cryptography is one of the main pillars of blockchains. SHA256, the cryptographic hash function in the Bitcoin blockchain makes it what it is, a securely linked chain of blocks. And in this two part series, we’re going to learn why. But before that. What is the easiest way for us […]

Hash Cryptography Part 2: Five Requirements of a Cryptographic Hash Function

Recap In Part One, we understood what a cryptographic hash function is and how it works. If you missed that post, we suggest please go back and go through it before going any further. Today, we will understand the Five Requirements of a good Cryptographic Hash Function. Before we start, we suggest you watch this one […]

What is Ethereum Blockchain: The Beginner’s Guide

Post Overview This post is part of our Blockchain Roadmap for beginners and will cover: The Inspiration for Ethereum Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum What is Ethereum Coin? Decentralized Applications Smart Contracts The Inspiration for Ethereum Coin Platform Bitcoin came out in 2009 and tried to change the financial ecosystem of the world. People liked this idea of […]

HashTag: A Blockchain based alternative to FASTag.

In 2014, the National Highway Authority of India came up with the idea of FASTag, an electronic toll collection system on highways. Since then, the technology has been implemented across 500+ highways in India. In fact, in December 2019 , FASTag was made mandatory throughout India. In today’s guest post, Dharmveersinh Jadeja will introduce us to HashTag, […]

Blockchain: Immutable Ledger & Distributed Peer To Peer Network

Immutable ledger and the Distributed Peer-to-Peer network makes blockchain what it is, a secure medium of storing information. Today, in our blockchain roadmap crash course, we will understand how the immutable ledger and the distributed network work. Immutable Ledger You must have come across the word immutable in programming before. Immutable simply means something that cannot be […]

Solidity: Compile and Deploy your Smart Contract

In the previous tutorial of our Blockchain Roadmap series, we learnt how to write our first Solidity Smart Contract. Today, we will build upon that, compile and deploy our GetterSetter Smart Contract. Remix IDE Remix is a browser based IDE for compiling and deploying smart contracts. You can access Remix at . It can be a little difficult to understand […]

What is Bitcoin Halving? May 2020 Halving Explained.

Block Reward Before we get to halving, it is important to understand the concept of Block Reward. As part of the Bitcoin Blockchain’s coin issuance policy, miners are rewarded with a certain amount of Bitcoins as a reward for mining a block. This fixed amount of coins given to the miners is known as the […]