The education around the domain Blockchain is pretty much scattered with resources quite difficult to find. Even if you have an idea to work on, it is really difficult to find perfect mentors, a community, or someone who can guide you along the way to success. 

To bridge this gap, we are happy to announce our partnership with Polkadot India to help various Blockchain communities come together and build the products of tomorrow. We hope to gain experience from the Polkadot team and learn as we grow together.

Polkadot India aims to educate the Indian Blockchain Crypto community about Polkadot Network, bridging the gap between Polkadot global ecosystem and the Indian ecosystem.

Together, we aim to bring a wide set of audiences ranging from people with technical expertise to developers who have the zeal to learn & create. The calendar is filled with sessions, newsletters, resources, Bootcamps, etc. planned for the community.

To make people aware of the Polkadot ecosystem and its fundamentals, a Special Bootcamp for all the members is planned, the dates of which will be revealed soon. For better learning, a dedicated resource pool will be set up facilitating awareness among people. A resolute newsletter with instant news and happenings will be shooted to the community followed by educational content.

About Polkadot India

Polkadot India focuses on all aspiring & established entrepreneurs working on blockchain projects, developers building on Substrate, Solidity, or Hyper-ledger; and even blockchain enthusiasts, to connect, collaborate, and build.

Their vision aligns in collaborating with different people to build the future together. Be a part of a community that includes major industry experts, mentoring throughout your journey as you conceptualize, build and launch your crypto project.

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About The Blockchain School 

The Blockchain School has brought in a revolution in the way people sought blockchain technology. Awareness, education, and employability are not just three words, they act as the pillars of our school. Within a short span of time, more than 15000 users and learners have been a part of the community from different corners of the world.

As the demand for blockchain is marking an exponential growth, the paradigm shift towards the technology could be the best decision of upcoming years. The Blockchain School provides education to people, awareness of blockchain technology, and employability through various partners.

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